The Journey Has Only Begun

They say love is the spice of life and the appetite of the gods. It’s that tantalizing feeling that sends tingly ripples through your spine, jolts through your body and butterflies in your stomach. But I say love is the best dish one can have to soothe their appetite (next to God and spirituality). It is the complete meal of life and the most refreshing drink to quench one’s thirst. And as you know every dish needs spices and seasoning for the meal to truly come alive. So what am I getting to with all of this? For any loving relationship to truly work it takes effort and commitment, it takes trust and love, it takes forgiveness and gratitude. It takes many spices to make any loving relationship work. And the end product is the greatest dish anyone has ever tasted. Everyone has their favourite comfort food in times of despair, whether it is cake, ice cream, Mac and cheese, candy, chocolate but in my eyes you can get no greater comfort food than the one love delivers.

 Back in fourth form my friends and I started a club we named ‘Lonely Hearts Club’. We started it because it was getting closer to Valentine’s Day and none of us has a Valentine (Can I tell you a secret? I actually got a Valentine soon after. But that’s beside the point because it was merely an agreement between friends.) However, as we grew older the club transformed from more of a club about single people without a significant other and became more of a club about our feeling of independence and our own development in this world as single people. I think many people hear the name of the club and feel like it’s a self pity club or something but it really isn’t. There are many in the club with the option of leaving but are not ready to do so and there are those who may not have the option but are good with that. We all are different in the club. We all have different reasons for joining or being in the club but one thing remains common to us all……….We all enjoy the times we’ve spent in this club and the journey it’s taken us on.

So here begins the introduction to my blog on this day February 9, 2013. My name is Ornella but most people call me Nella. I’m a 22 year old student and I’m on a quest. A quest to find the greatest gift God has given to the world, the gift of finding that special love and a quest to help others find it as well. In our lives we will have many loves based on our many different relationships with the people in our lives. The love of our parent, the love of our siblings, the love of our family, the love of our friends and the list goes on; but the one I’m trying to focus on is that relationship love with your significant other. I will write articles that I hope will be a part of your recipe of your quest to find that person. I also plan to tackle some of the most pivotal, scandalous and frequently discussed dating and relationship issues. I will give my opinion and at times the opinions of others I interact with, both males and females. I will hopefully start some video blogs and interviews on topics that I think deserve not only my opinion but also the opinion of others around the world whether I know the person or not. I will do what I can to help you all on this journey of love, romance and relationships. And hopefully the end result will be that I help someone out there snag a great catch. Whatever the end result is, there is one thing that I know will be great; the journey shall be adventurous, fun, and completely worthwhile. Remember: Life’s a climb but the view’s great! So as I write this I will be enjoying the journey that is love and life. Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.



 Much Love,


 Comments, feedback and suggestions are welcomed.


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