Prep Your Pout for Valentines: Homemade Lip Exfoliator

Hello guys!!!! Here’s a little Valentine’s Day Homemade Beauty !!! *Round of applause* Since Valentine’s day is merely two days away, I have decided to do a little Vday tidbit for you all. I actually took this from another blog so take a little time to have a looksy at the blog: Click Here. This feature is focused on the lips. One of the most sensual parts of the human anatomy and definitely an organ that will get some exercise on Vday (if you have a Valentine that is!!!) 😀 So sit back, relax and enjoy the post!!!


Have you ever felt your lips going dry and start to have that crackly feeling especially after you have worn lipstick all day (I know M.A.C lipsticks dry out my lips unfortunately, even though they are so fabulous!)? Well fear not because making your own homemade lip exfoliator is easy and sweet, literally, because all you really need is sugar. 🙂 Here’s how to make it:

1) Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly or chapstick/lip balm to your lips (Blistex medicated lip balm in the little blue jar is really good for this and tingly).



2) Get a teaspoonful of brown sugar and dip your finger into it and rub all over your lips in a circular motion until all the dead skin (eww gross I know) or flakes are removed.


3) Rinse with a little warm water and pat gently with a towel to dry.


4) Apply some of the medicated lip balm to your lips again.


Voila! Smooth and soft lips just in time for Valentines. 🙂


 I hope you have enjoyed the advice I’ve passed on from Shelly!!! Remember visit her blog: Click Here. Thank you for visiting my little blog here and enjoy the rest of your day!!!

 Lots of Love and Kisses,



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