Surviving being single on Valentine’s Day

For many, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day of the year where people express their feelings of love and affection through sentimental gifts and gestures. However, it is also that day of the year when those of us who are not in a relationship or have at least a Valentine tend to experience feelings of loneliness and self-doubt. It seems as though the message being spread throughout is that if you have a significant other great!!! But if not….well…… get the picture. What is a single person to do? Well I’m here to tell you all is not lost. Valentine’s Day is not only for cupid-struck lovers, it can be for the single person too and I am here to tell you how.

 The first thing you should do is to not define yourself by your relationship status. Your relationship status is not your identity and it is ever changing. Now that you’ve got that covered what do you do to enjoy yourself on Valentine’s Day while being single? The aim is to do something that is fun and is a great distraction from all the chaos going on around you with couples.

 1. Host a movie night. Rent movies, order a pizza, invite your other single friends over and have a blast. Up the tempo of this get together by playing some music and dancing the night away. Just remember all you have to do is HAVE FUN!

  1. Volunteer. Nothing helps you to feel better faster than doing something nice for  someone else. Volunteering doesn’t even have to be on a large scale like helping out a hospital or visiting a children’s hospital; it can be something as simple as helping your sibling with his/her homework or helping your mother in the kitchen. These little activities may not seem like a lot to you but it would be greatly appreciated by the receiving party. So this Valentine’s Day spread some joy by helping others. You will get it multiplied back many times over.

 3. Pass out platonic Valentines. How about buying a box of chocolate for a friend or giving out little chocolates to several friends and family members? Or what about buying a box of those little paper Valentines, then pass them out to your family and friends. In doing so, you will be reminded of how much love you do have in your life. Also, it will bring a smile to many faces, including yours!

 4. Have a boys/girls night out. Grab a group of your single friends, get dressed up and go out for a fun night on the town. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do. It can be take a trip to the movies, going to a club or party, or even just planning a fun picnic. The point is to get out there and enjoy being single.

 5. Game Night. Who doesn’t like a good game? So it’s time to dust those old board games off the shelf, call all of your friends over and host a game night. Games like Twister are immensely enjoyable and tend to bring out the child-like joy in all of us. Food, friends, games and fun, what more can one ask for?

The final thing to remember is that love is not just for couples; it is for all of us. Don’t let one day of the year stop you from showing love everyday!


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