Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and for those of you in the gift giving mood, you may be wondering what it is you should get your recipient. The first thing to remember is that the first and most important rule of gift-giving is to give the recipient, whether it be your lover, your friend, your sister or brother, your parents or even your grandmother, what he or she wants, as opposed to simply what you want to give them. With that in mind, you should also realize that gifts need not entail large sums of money in order to be effective and appreciated. Some of the most memorable Valentine’s Day presents tend to be those that come straight from the heart. The best gifts are creative and targeted for the specific needs of the receiver.

Now it’s always a safe and easy way to take the traditional route of gift giving and give your valentine flowers, chocolate, teddy bears and other stuffed animals, jewellery and even cards but this year you may want to add a little spice to the mix and let those creative juices flow on your gift. Here is a list of some creative ideas that you can use to get your message across while making your valentine feel extra special at the same time.


1)  Valentine’s Day Newsletter- This idea may be seemingly time consuming but it is a fun little project that will make the recipient feel truly loved. Fill your newsletter of special articles, a calendar of romantic and memorable days, pictures, a joke to put an extra smile on the recipient’s face, just about anything you think the other party will truly appreciate and enjoy.

2) CD of memorable and romantic songs- Make a special CD for that special person. The CD should include songs from special events and moments in your lives and can also include those love songs that warms the heart of even the coldest being. You can even add a special bonus track with a song you have written for the person. Nothing says love better than a heart-felt song.

3) Valentine’s Day coupons- Create a cute book of coupons for your loved one. This book can include coupons like ‘A romantic dinner for two’, ‘A movie date’, ‘A special day dedicated to you’, or any other little gift you think would be appropriate and make the recipient feel truly loved.

4) Gift Box- Get out your markers and crayons, glitter and confetti, cartridge paper and scissors and make a great decorative box for your special someone. You can use an actual box or you can make your own using materials around the house. On the outside of the box should be decorated with pictures, stickers, markers, glitter, just about anything you feel will make it look wonderful and on the inside you can include little chocolates, a short poem, a special coupon, a little joke, or any other little tidbit you can think of to put in the box.

5) Scrapbook – It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how much is being said to that special person with a scrapbook full of pictures and memories of time spent together. Select interesting pictures reflecting the best moments spent together and arrange them with witty captions at the end. Add some romantic poems and your messages. Adorn the scrapbook to your own taste.

6) Framed picture- Share with your valentine a breathtaking moment in time together. You can customize and decorate your picture frame and make it even more unique by adding little touches around the frame.

7) Poems- If you are one who is great at expressing your feelings, then this is the route for you. Write a poem or two that truly expresses your feelings and shares it with the world.

8) Write little romantic notes and leave them everywhere (pockets, lunchbox, car, mirror etc.). Do this to remind that person just how loved and cared for they truly are.

9) Plan a romantic dinner-You don’t have to go out to have a romantic dinner, you can plan one right in the comfort of your home. Cook a magnificent meal that you are sure the person will enjoy and set up a special area to have your dinner. Make the evening more romantic by adding candles, flowers and the works.

10) Customize your gifts- Whether it be a customized cup, pillow case or t-shirt the point is to make it original and special for the recipient and for it to be a way to make the person know exactly how you feel about them.

 Much Love,




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