Valentine’s Day Outfits

I’m not really one to go out on Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m an envious of any of the lovey doveys prancing around on cloud nine but more because I can’t take the overly expressed show of emotions. As far as I’m concerned as much as I’m a fan of Valentine’s Day I think more people need to realize that we should express our love for those special people in our lives as often as possible. No day should be an indicator of showing love and appreciation . And not to mention the congestion. Whoo whee it’s like everyone and their granny behind come out and roaming the streets. The places of entertainment are ram packed jeez. It’s great for the economy (yay stimulating economy) but horrible for the intimate setting Valentine’s day denotes.

Anyways enough of my sour grapes. For those of you who have made plans to head out and spend a night at dinner, movies, or whatever you have planned, I roamed the interwebs and found some cute outfits that complement and theme and I think look really amazing. Here goes:

When choosing a Valentine’s Day outfit think of a few things:

1. Where are you heading?

2. What kind of setting is it?

3. How traditional do you want to be? Play with hues and tones of reds, pinks, white and black? Or you rather a combination of classic or traditional with a modern twist or edge?

4. How will you accessorize? What is your statement piece?

5. Do I feel amazing? It matters not what others think as long as you feel absolutely amazing and  believe you look absolutely great. Let your outside reflect your inside.

Much Love,



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