Guest Post: Tips To Ease The Pain of A Breakup

By: Keyva Taylor

1. Keep Busy

This is the first step as the rest genuinely follow this one. If you lay around the house all day thinking about the person, you may fall into depression and you will miss the person. You are justified in missing the individual but not to the point of absolute sadness and possibly self-destruction.Vulnerability can be constructive as well as deconstructive. Let it be the former. Find some activities that you want to do ; that you need to do.Just do something postive( and that you won’t regret!)

2. Do Something You Love

If you do something you love, it may help. It needs to be something you love. Not something you guys used to do together, but something you personally love. It will make you as the individual feel better. As long as it will positively uplift you, make you better as an individual and you will have no regrets later, go for it!

3. Hang Out With Uplifting Friends

These are the family you can talk to…in detail. Tell them what’s going on. Talk to them. Then they may be able to assist you appropriately. They’d also help you from making stupid decisions but instead make positive ones. Also they can give advice about the next person you like as well given previous information. So talk and go out with them. No risky business!

4. Exercise

Keep active!Go for a run! Dance it out! Do insanity! Keep physically fit. It helps with the anger and sadness and causes an increase in endorphins. You would therefore feel better about yourself and would give you a clearer perspective on the situation.

5. Cry And Let It Out But Do Not Have A Pity Party

Let it out because bottling it up can be self destructive. Crying can help you express the pain. Just don’t feel sorry for yourself. You can’t control everything. You made a mistake but move on and avoid making any more. Dont feel sorry for yourself. Dust yourself off and keep living. The world is still spinning. You can miss the individual for some period of time but eventually you will have to move on.

6. Make A List of All The Things You Want In A Girl or Guy

A realistic list that is. Make the list and check it twice. If you keep saying that you aren’t getting what you want in a relationship, write down what you want. If the guy needs to have a relationship with God, write it down. If he needs to have a good relationship with his family, write it down. Also make another list of red flags or things you don’t want in a person. Stop settling and go after what you deserve. Wait for it if you have to. You will thank yourself later for this.

7. Take Care Of Yourself

You can’t take care of anyone else if you can’t take care of yourself. Get to know yourself. Neaten up your appearance. See that amazing person and be the amazing person you want to attract and give yourself the love and attention first. Deal with any issues. Then when that person comes along, the chance of having a healthy relationship will increase. Just take of yourself, be optimistic and be happy. Know you deserve good things and believe it. Also you never know who you might see after this process 😉

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