LHC- It’s time to move on

Hey guys,


It’s been a while since I blogged, much less wrote one of my Sunday truths. Today I just want to get out some sort of frustrations. The worst thing about break ups is the after the fact behaviour. For me the biggest test of a person’s character is not necessarily how they act during those moments of romanticizing but how they behaviour when there is no longer a common goal of happiness. You no longer are the apple of their eyes and you no longer are the person of their objectification. 

I recently broke up with someone and as usual I’m going through the cycles of happiness, sadness, anger and frustration and overall feeling like maybe I misjudged all and I’m being played and used. When I replay in my mind all the stories and think about all the things I know wasn’t true but decided to be nice and not talk up about. Better to be agreeable than to be right. Well right now all I can think is………That’s what you should never attempt to be friends at the end. At least not immediately. Right now I just feel used and played. Didn’t want to pursue a relationship, played with my emotions and now I’m done and you’re currently written off. So enjoy this little story to just sum up my current feelings:


Twisting up my words and my mind.

Spinning tall tales and telling tall lies.

Thought you were kind and cool,

But realized that you’re a professional smooth talker, charmer and took me for a fool.


I feel played in a game of chance.

Russian roulette and you pulled the trigger on my emotions.

All the stories of fiction told and fabrications produced.

I knew they were lies but still I played your game and lost the game of love.


But guess what?

This is over.

You a friend as well as a lover. 

30 more days or more.

As long as it takes to get me sober.


Moving beyond this chapter.

Closing the book.

End of our story.

Be gone and beyond.


Inconsistencies adding up.

Disloyalty and untruths.

And the funny thing is………..

It’s time I played you



You’re Screwed


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