I’ll Remember

One of my favourite blog posts and poems I’ve written ❤

Kingstonian Travels

Today I’ll just lay my head on the pillows and remember you

Remember us as we were in the beginning

All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Excited for the prospect of a new us

A great union of prosper.


I will rest my head on the hearth and think of the middle

Riddled with sweet messages, love notes and special gifts

Times and moments of splendour

A life of promise and endearing hope urging us

Brought to us as a gift from God.


I’ll stare into the stars and follow our journey together

Follow our love as it blossomed in the season

Our sweet romance fading gently into the night

For it is the end my love

End of our dreams together

Our matrimonial walk down the proverbial aisle


Tonight is where we part my love

Separated not by a physical distance but by moments of lost time

Separated by…

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