I fricking hate injustice

This is not a love post but a rant about whats going on in my life currently. 

A requirement during my tenure in medical school is that I have a 5 week elective period where I can do any course offered by the faculty. However, you have to seek your own accommodations. Now last year, I applied and got approval for my elective which begins in February (next week). It just happens that I chose to do my elective outside of my parish and so 5 weeks ago I requested accommodations from the University. My elective begins next week and despite multiple emails and follow up I still haven’t gotten confirmation of accommodation.  Make matters worse another student requested accommodation onr week after and has already received accommodations. So you can imagine I am currently livid and pissed. I dont like f***ery and bullsh*t. Why am I still on the edge of my seat re: accommodations and I took the time out to make the required plans and ppreparations. If reply to one student, why not reply to both? Honestly, I expect this f***ery to sort out by Thursday because I’m not jn the mood for this crap and trust me I’m not one to go quietly into the night.



Very pissed off and very annoyed


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