More Than Just Sex

I stumbled across this blog post just out of curiosity. Upon reading this post I was instantly struck by inspiration. The ideas seem to mirror my own and I really like the expression behind it. I think I may do my own little spin at a later date.

These days I find it rare to find someone who shares my view on relationships. For me, there is more to a relationship than sex. In fact, sex is just the tiniest piece of the puzzle. This may be difficult for some people to see as for others it is the biggest piece in the puzzle – actually, correction – it’s the whole puzzle to them.

When is it too much? It’s too much when you forget to actually care for one another, when all sense of communication goes out the window and it is strictly just physical.

To have a healthy relationship, in all honesty, it has to be more conversation than physical. Why be in a relationship when you can’t even speak to one another before the clothes are already coming off? How was their day, is there anything troubling them? What did they choose to do today…

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