The Truth About Forgiveness

There I was sitting in on a group discussion about life and the directions we wanted to take our lives. I have often found that having discussions and sharing ideas is one of the best ways to learn and expand our range of ideas. Then someone touched on the topic of forgiveness. Can you truly forgive someone who has wronged you tremendously? Can yo forgive a person who you swore you would never forgive? We all thought on this for a moment. Each with our own mixed reviews and thoughts on the matter. That was until one person spoke up and shared their thoughts.

Forgiveness is a choice. You chose to let go of the negative feelings and emotions and move on with your life. You make the choice that above all I will shift my focus from the negative and move toward the positives. Forgiveness is making the decision to love yourself and put yourself first. It is deciding that you love and respect yourself too much to make the actions of others let you demote rather than elevate yourself. Forgiveness is clarity. Once you choose to forgive, things suddenly become clearer and suddenly views, thoughts and ideas beyond what you originally visioned become more clear to you. You realize that is has always been in your power to forgive, to let go, to love yourself, to move forth, to grow and to be enriched with a peaceful spirit. Wherever you are currently, if you are working on forgiving someone just think about CLC. Forgiveness is a Choice. Forgiveness is Loving yourself above all. Forgiveness brings clarity.It’s time we finally made the leap and show forgiveness……….especially to ourselves.


Toodle doo.



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