Love Conquers All

The Fickle Heartbeat

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Shared by Dannielle Wicks.

Iradia is my home, I love it here. I was born into a wealthy family, so I’m insanely rich and happy. I’m also in love with Lucas, the escort that follows me around for my protection. Lucas has no title and his family is poor. In Iradia, the ranking members (Me and my family), and people like Lucas do not marry, nor even date. It is unheard of and totally not permitted.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, I climb out of my too comfy bed and creep through the dark corridors, down the stairs and out the back door into the shadowed garden. Lucas is already there waiting, his face covered by a dark hooded cloak, his sword slung loosely across his back.

“Bianca,” he sighs as I reach him, pulling me into a tight hug. His embrace is too forced and…

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