You’re Still Perfect To Me

The Fickle Heartbeat

5 Important Things to do After a Break-upShared by Katie Wilhelm

I don’t know if you really knew how I felt about you. I’m not sure if the countless poems, letters, small gestures, songs, time and most recently, articles about my broken heart, have resonated with you enough to help you truly understand how crazy I was about you.

I will always love you. That’s a given and I hope you know that.

You’re still perfect to me. And even though we’re not together anymore, even though you broke me and shattered me into a million tiny pieces of worthlessness, even though we don’t talk anymore, even though you‘ve deleted me from your life, trying to erase your past completely, I still think you’re perfect.

I know you have flaws. And I realize that having flaws and being perfect cancel each other out. But I saw your flaws as fuel to love you even more. I…

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