This is Love

The Fickle Heartbeat

The Ultimate Myth: Men and Women CAN be “just friends” (For Real)

Shared by shaunah

She hears it, she sees it, she feels it. She knows deep in her heart that this is love.

its a feeling that consumes her body, mind and soul..yet she wonders how, how could he have chosen her?

All of her flaws and insecurities are revealed except, he pays no attention to them.

This is love.

She gets lost in his eyes, not seeing the reflection of herself..she looks past that, to a place that is so deep that only he knows. She stays there and doesn’t look away.

This is love.

He has knocked down most of the walls that has once guarded her heart, while she pushed down the rest to let him in..only him. She was fearful to let him so close to her but that fear is love.

He wraps his arms around her as she falls into him. The beat of his…

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