Living outside the lines

When we were younger we were taught some basic things
Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’
Tie your shoelaces so you don’t fall
Colour inside the lines always to make your image clearer

While some of these have always been useful
Being taught to be confined and always inside the lines
Have left many of us crippled by fear
Covered and buried in a sea of ‘What ifs’

We live inside predetermined ideas
And follow the guise of others ideas
In hope that one day , when the stars all align
We can shed our mold
And emerge as a beautiful butterfly from our cocoon

But the simple truth is
If you want something you’ve never had
You have to do something you’ve never done
You can’t remain confined
You can’t stay in the lines
Tiptoeing in indecision

You have to learn to live
Laugh, Dance and Sing by yourself
To believe that you are truly great
And each day is a building block for your greatness

Make your mark in life
By refusing to remain stationary and inactive
And continue to strive for enrichment and fulfillment
With each passing day.


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