The Love Journey: Where does it all begin?

As with any journey or travel you have to make plans. Map out your route and have an idea of your destination. What is it that we truly want with our romantic lives? Are we searching for the love of a lifetime? Are we looking for our soul mates? Is it the Disney channel princess reality the idea of this all? What is it you’re truly looking for? Do you even know?

When we look to our romantic lives we seem to forget like all other areas of our lives it requires plans and preparation. I’m not talking about the strict kind of plans where there is no room for change or modification because let’s face it as time progresses we change and what we want and moreso what we need also changes. We’re dynamic creatures and our desires to be successful in all aspects of our lives, need to be treated with flexibility, determination and goals. The plans I’m speaking of is to identify what we want and figure out how we would like to get there.

Let’s start of by thinking about there few simple things.

1. If you could identify the qualities you most desire in a significant other what would it be?

2. Think about relationships past, what characteristics do you see your exes have in common? (Both good and bad)
3. How do you envision your romantic life? (Not fairy tale ideas but true things compromises and all)
4. How can you make yourself better in order to have a fulfilled relationship? We often go searching for that someone who makes us whole and yet forget that it takes two to make a relationship work. You should be a completed person searching for a complement and not a half of a person looking to be completed.
5. What obstacles, detours and road blocks do you think may arise and how will you overcome these?


Before you venture out on this journey, there needs to be some introspection. Find someone who you can talk to and whose values mirror your own. Learn to see beyond the flaws and find the imperfections you are willing to live with. Love is a journey of care, trust, honest, value, and understanding each other. Love your self wholly first. Understand and nurture your spirit and grow you life with positive energy. Love attracts love and when you are at your best, you attract that which is best for you. So when you love yourself, you attract the great love for you.

Love is one of the greatest journeys of your life and once you start mapping out the way you wish to travel, you will soon begin to see the path is much clearer than you’ve ever imagnined.

Always & Forever,
The Kingstonian.

*these images are not my own. No copyright infringement intended.


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