Getting to know me: 5 things you didn’t know

Hi everyone,

I am so happy that you all have joined me on this love journey. I have shared with you my hope, dreams, poems, thoughts and motivations in the past days, weeks and months we’ve been together and that I’m truly proud of. But I’ve realized I haven’t told you much about myself, my quirks, habits and interesting tidbits. So here is a little taste of me…..

1. I’m an avid stationary enthusiast. Yes I LOVE STATIONARY. I buy it because it’s beautiful. I buy it because it feels great. The way a new book smells once you’ve bought it, the feel and glide of a pen, pencil and highlighter under your fingers. I absolutely love it. I sometimes go to a stationary store for therapeutic release. Weird I know.

2. My favourite fantasy series is…….. The Lord of the Rings. I never miss the movie. Every time I see one of the movies on tv, I watch. I absolutely love the series.

3. My favourite superhero is Flash Gordon. He’s funny, wears red and has a really good heart and sense of justice. What more can I say? He’s just awesome.

4. I’m afraid of falling from high places. It’s not the height that gets me, it’s the idea that I could plummet to an unfortunate end that scares me. However, that doesn’t stop me from rope swinging, cliff diving and wanting to bungee jump, sky dive and zipline in the future.

5. I love the colour red. It represents danger, excitement, adventure and it’s just purely beautiful. I just love it.

There you have it folks; 5 fun little facts about me. What do you think?


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