11:11 – How it changed my life.

The Fickle Heartbeat


Shared by Garvita.

 “11:11 comes twice a day because God believes everyone deserves a second chance.”

25th January,2014, 11:11 am.

“Please give me the boy I love.”

I was cruel and selfish. Well, I realized it after I made the wish. I loved the same boy, the boy my best friend loved.

Out of exasperation, I realized, who am I really turning to? The answer was easy, a bitch. A double-sided bitch, eh.

“Why was I changing into that?” Well, for a boy. “A boy? Is he capable of destroying your best friend’s bond with you?” Eh, I don’t know, I guess no. “So, realize your mistake.”

There, I realized it. I love a boy, who is he? The boy my best friend loves. Do I want him? Well yeah, but I also want my best friend to be happy, so, just because my best friend loves him…

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