How a Lady and Gent Argues with Finesse

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Shared by our awesome Featured Writer, One Gentleman.

When we think of a gentleman or lady, we imagine someone with poise, someone who is well-mannered and refined. When we consider a typical argument or disagreement, we do not equate any of the previous three qualities with a lady or gentleman. We tend to imagine a shouting match, emotional reactions to trigger the greatest harm, etc. However, this is not the way of a gentleman or lady. Neither a gentleman nor a lady should react first, and think later. A gentleman and lady will first reflect, before proposing a response.

 What does this all mean?

Well, to argue or disagree with someone is a part of life. We will not agree in all situations, so eventually, you will debate with your partner, sibling, parent, coworker, etc. However, the issue is not arguing in and of itself.

The issue involves what

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