Swiping Soulmates

The Fickle Heartbeat


Shared by Jennifer.

Brown hair, Blue eyes…Swipe…Swipe…

David, Michael….Swipe..Swipe…

All these faces…All these names….All these photos…All these people with their hobbies..

Their friends…Their lives….or at least the part of their lives that they’re comfortable sharing with the world.

Partly truth, Partly lies…

They share the most perfect part of their lives….

This one has a nice smile.

This one has pretty eyes.

This one looks funny.

This one looks lonely………..

Because isn’t that why we’re all doing this? Isn’t this why, no matter how it begins and despite what our true intentions are –  Aren’t we all trying to swipe FOR someone? TO someone?

Yet why don’t we admit it? Why are we uncomfortable saying, “I’m on this stupid app because I’m lonely” even though more often than not, that is the unspoken truth.

Instead we make laughable excuses like, “I just fool around on it when I’m drunk…

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