Good or Great?

Is letting go good for great in our best love interest or should we accept the good and live life accordingly? In the past I have ended relationships with pretty good guys. You know the type. The one who seems so sweet and wonderful that it’s hard to believe. He calls you to check if you’re ok. He listens to your stories and smiles accordingly. He opens doors and makes polite conversation. Does all the little things that you may miss but in the end seem to make a difference. You know hoe the story goes. We have been seeing each other for months and although things haven’t always been great, he/she has stuck by you and worked things out. Yet…..something just doesn’t feel right.

This doesn’t feel like the great love that you’ve always dreamed of. It feels comfortable and safe, but does not fuel your excitement. There is no passion, no drive, no motivation. Your soul isn’t happy with everlasting merriment. The conversation is not that great and communication overall may just be uninteresting. You think ‘Is it me?’ ‘Am I just too picky?’ and so you ignore your gut and continue on the romantic journey, for a few more months or even years.

Still, you can’t fight your feelings. You can’t hide how you feel and you can’t deny that this is just not the relationship for you. So you make the brave decision to end that which isn’t right and brave it on your own. But as time progresses you wonder ‘Was that the best I could do?’ ‘Did I make the right choice is leaving the one who is good in searching for the fictitious one who is great?’

This is an ever-burning question that tends to haunt those of us who have ended seemingly good relationships. We ended it because it just didn’t feel right, even though it felt good or we just felt like we were stifled rather left to grow. I can’t answer that question the question right now about leaving good for great because at the moment I stand in a limbo and transitional space. But what I can say is life is a series of choices and you will never be happy just living for yourself. Choose you. Choose to be happy. Choose to do what’s best for you!!!

The Kingstonian

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