Happy New Year Everyone

I’m two days late but still on time
To wish you a special journey
To you and thine
May this year be filled with mostly laughter
Joy and fun and maybe a little sadness after
It’s all done.

May we overcome our fears
And make the right moves
May we have good intentions
And follow life in its groove.

May we dance, sing, celebrate and cheer
For all the new things we do and see this year
Our goals both here and there
We knock them off one by one without fear.

To find love, to keep love and overcome lost
To let bygones be bygones and leave it all in the past
For it is a new year my loves and it’s ours for the taking
To have faith and hope in all that is in the making.

Have a Happy and wonderful New Year to all my friends and followers, as we make this love journey together one step at a time. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to many more stories and life lessons with you.

Also if you have any questions, feedback and suggestions just hit me up below. Please and thank you in advanced.

The Kingstonian

*images are not my own. Credit is given to their respective owners.


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