The secret to ultimate unflailing happiness is…

The world is filled with people looking to find love, success, status, and all else they believe will find them happiness. Many people change their appearance whether it be to do feature- altering surgery, lose weight, wear makeup, contact lenses, change their hairstyles, whatever other object of beauty they seek; or it may be to make a lot of money, buy expensive houses, drive expensive cars and all other symbols of financial success. All of this in hope of finding what it is that they truly desire……Happiness.

Everyone wants true happiness. To have that wonderful and amazing feeling that everything in the world is beautiful and as it should be based on your perspective. Your family and friends are healthy, loving and amazing. You are successful in all areas of life whether it be academics, finances, spiritual, health and wellness, social and whatever other aspects of life you hold dear and important. All we truly want in life is happiness and everything else is just a means to get it.

But what truly is the secret to happiness? How can one achieve this ultimate level of happiness that some seem to have, while many of us do not? Is there some secret formula, recipe, ingredient that we are missing in life that can make us all oh so happy? Well I’m here to tell you what my secret is.

In my opinion, happiness is a state of mind. It’s making the decision and the choice that despite the circumstances in which you live and are experiencing that you will be grateful and appreciate all that is currently good in your life. It is not based on your financial status, your relationship status, your social standing or any achievements you may have. Rather, true happiness is based on your own personal feelings of self-love, and the abundance of love in your life.

Happiness is a decision. A choice. A promise to yourself. So you want to know the secret of happiness? The secret is……YOU!!!!

Let’s be happy and positive for 2015.


The Kingstonian

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