Book Review: The Seven Steps to Closure by Donna Joy Usher

Hey everyone, I know! I know! I’ve been on an extensive hiatus but I’m back and ready for action. There will be some new changes, new features and oh so much more coming your way. As part of the new direction I’m taking this blog. Here is a review on an amazing book I recently […]

Twenty20, LinaVereskI know you want someone to hold you close and handle your heart gently, but put love on hold. You don’t need someone to fall asleep beside. Not yet. You can wait for that. Finding your forever person shouldn’t be your main priority. Finding yourself should come first. Find out what brings your passionate […]

One Day…

@bubblegumwhore When people mess up, they know it. Even if they stroll away like nothing happened. Even if they act as though they were never in the wrong. Maybe you start to wonder if they truly believe that; if they’ve rewritten history to come across as the good guy in this. What if you’re the… via […]